Two MK Questions - one souvenir and one parade

Getting down to the details after seeing family over the Thanksgiving holiday.

  1. I believe there are place(s) to get the little silhouettes cut in Magic Kingdom. I’ve heard there is a booth in Liberty Square, but I feel like at some point I heard mention of one of the Main Street shops doing this. Anyone have details?

  2. Our current plan has us coming from Tomorrowland to the parade and then heading out of the park for a late lunch/dinner. Suggestions for where to watch on Main Street? Just anywhere? I’m not too worried about a perfect viewing location as we have mostly adults with one 2 yo. One of the adults will be perfectly happy to hold her on his shoulders (he is 6’6") so she can see above the crowd if needed.

Oh, please don’t do this unless he’s back behind everyone. It’s so much better to hold her at head level than above…

I don’t actually have the answers to your questions. I’ve never watched a parade at WDW; nor do I know the answer to #1.


I had zero issues on two days during Presidents’ Week last year getting a seat right on the curb in the area in front of Town Square Theatre at around 30 minutes before the Parade stepped off. Front row sitting on the curb and no need to be obnoxious and block peoples’ view.


This. You can get good spots much later/closer to parade time than you think


So, in general, adding a 2 year old to someone who is already 6’6” isn’t typically the difference between someone seeing or not seeing, unless the person behind them is 6’8” or so…

That being said, I understand what you’re getting at. Common sense rules the day here - obviously the 6’6” person doesn’t stand in front of people - typically regardless of whether the 2 yo is there or not. Coming from a tall family (I’m 5’9” and the short one). We tend to aim for the back in general when it is standing room only since we have no problem seeing over others.

For the record (lest we create a firestorm) no kid on shoulder during fireworks as it messes with sight lines.


This is perfect!!! With our plan, I think this might be just what we aim for.

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Good to know. It wasn’t a priority for me to see last time (looking forward to it this time). So wasn’t really sure realistically how soon we needed to be there. Of course for perfect spots and perfect viewing everyone resorts gobs of
time, but we just need to see it.

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There is a little side street off main street (on the right when heading toward castle). There’s a cart there in the street that does the silhouettes. Just had my kids’ silhouettes done last week. Came out pretty nice I think.