Two Epcot Days - Please help with TPs

As I’m typing this it is showing me 5 different posts that are “similar” to mine that are actually pretty similar, but not the same so I hope you guys can help me out a little! I have two Epcot days and I’m trying to figure out my Touring Plan in order to get Fastpasses next week. I’ve crafted them as well as I can but I still have myself rope dropping Ralph (!!??) and feel like I’m wasting Fastpass opportunities. Does anyone have any thoughts? It’s possible that these will just actually be relaxing days I guess?

Travel Party:
Day 1: Nuclear Fam, Me, DH, DS4 and DS1

Day 2: Extended Fam = nuclear fam + my Dmom, Ddad and Dsis who aren’t really “coaster” people (i.e. maybe my husband and dad will do single rider TT or something)

I guess it depends on how you want the days to feel. Here are my suggestions for an alternative take on the park.

I always split the park east and west. Take in half of FW and half of WS, and then switch.

You have a very ride heavy FW day and then a walk around the lagoon. I can see why you’ve done that if your Mom, Dad and Sis aren’t coaster people, but on the other hand will they actually want to explore some of the pavilions?

You have some of the street entertainment on the plan but then just the 10 minutes to walk past the pavilions. Is there a chance that actually they might enjoy doing some of the pavilions but allow time to browse? There are gardens (Canada, Japan, UK), museums, shops. If I had to pick say five to explore I might choose Mexico, Japan, Morocco, UK and Canada. If they like shops then France (they have a gorgeous perfume shop) and Germany (Strieff teddies and the caramel shop) and U.K. (tea which is also very interesting inside, you can even do a little tour, and outfitters, plus you can peak through Christopher Robin’s bedroom or even go in and meet Pooh sometime after mid September). And there are Kidcot stations for the little ones. Your sister may even like the Agent P missions in a couple of pavilions.

And if you take my chosen 5 and add America, you could do those with the extended family on day 2. And then your immediate family go and see some of the entertainment in the other pavilions on day 1 which would fit around Via Napoli for dinner.

On the WS day, you don’t have any time allocated to the countries. Are you just planning to walk through them quickly?

Also, you have Spaceship Earth in there twice…one on each day. I’d suggest dropping second day SE and The Seas FP so that you can spend more time in WS.

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Okay - this brings up a point that maybe I should be considering… EC has long been my favorite park because of WS but when I brought DD (then 2) last year, we basically did FEA and Mexico and then bailed for our afternoon nap and decided on MK that night instead of going back. When I go with my DH and DD(soon to be 4) and now DS1 in January, I’m committed to doing the WS tour - I know DD will want to meet some of the characters and may like getting her passport stamps and such, but I don’t know that she’ll “allow” me to spend a lot of time in each country - I figured the 10 minute TP allocation would all net out - maybe spend 20-30 minutes in Germany but only walk past China, or let the kids watch the acrobats while I buy perfume, etc. How do you approach adding the countries to your TPs? Do you just edit the time based on how much time you think you want to spend shopping/exploring at each individual country? (And to be clear, I have no interest in the films inside each pavilion… just the shopping and food…)

So for day 2 I have us basically doing World Showcase from 10:30 - 4 or could be even later if the kids are going strong. I know I don’t have much time earmarked for the countries, but maybe because the walking speed is set to so slow it seems like enough to me? (I’m not necessarily set to sticking with this exact plan that’s on here, it was more to fill out the day.)

It’s also Food & Wine so we don’t really have a sit down meal at all. It isn’t anyone’s first time, so I think we could pick and choose shopping and kidcot and eating, drinking etc. Does it still seem like not enough time?

This is where I feel like I’m literally wasting fastpasses! My kids don’t really need to do either twice, but my parents might want to do them. I can definitely make them for later I just thought maybe it would make sense to have them there in case my kids were toast from WS and we had to head for the parking lot.

I’m growing less and less sure that we will even come back for Via Napoli dinner. It feels a sin to go a whole trip with no Epcot table service, but that will be SUCH a long walk back there (for me and DH!). We do have a rest day the following day, but the fireworks are at 10 and not 9, so I’m not sure we can hack it. In which case leaves us with 2-3 hours of World Showcase on Day 1 instead of a mid-day break. This option is growing more tempting.

So I updated both plans and I think I did actually incorporate some of the suggestions here. We’re most likely bailing on Via Napoli and going to add in a break in the 2nd day. I do still only have 10 minutes per pavilion, but I think that the ULTRA slow walking speed should sort of compensate for this! Still feel like I’m leaving something on the table with 2 FP+ for Nemo, but that seems to be Epcot!