Two days at MK - which lands to combine?

We recently shuffled around the days we plan to be at certain parks and now plan to do MK Monday and Wednesday on a mid April (not near Easter) visit.

We plan to rope drop both days.

One day - Monday I figured - we would take a break midday to return to hotel for a few hours and then come back to ride more and do fireworks.

The other day - weds at this stage - we planned to stay to 4 and then go to dinner at DS. I figured this all day long day was better to do on a non-Monday.

My question: how best to split up the lands for Monday vs Weds? I figure we have a higher chance of getting a FP for 7DMT weds so doing most fantasy that day probably. Aside from that - any benefit to how to combine the other areas given the schedule we have in mind?

Does either morning have EMH if so you will start your day in Fantasy & Tommorrow land. What are you hoping to do twice. I’d recomend doing lots of short rides first and saving your FPP for the longer rides late morning. Do you have kids? If it was me with 2 young kids on an EMH start, I’d do PP, Winnie and fantasy land, then cross to POTC and Jungle Cruise by 9:30, and FPP SM, BTM & 7DM. Second day Space Mountain, then Buzz, maybe speedway or repeating anything in Fantasyland and use FPP for ETWB, meeting any characters or POTC & JC if you don’t like the idea of crossing the park the day before. If you rope drop on 2 days you can get alot done and repeat your favourites.

No EMH in the morning for either day.