Two Day MK Breakfast PPO TP

I have ADRs for CRT on 6/22 and BoG on 6/23 both at 8:15am. I’m using the “two-day version of the Princess Fans” touring plan as a template and I could use some advice. I know I’ll be ahead of the crowds for 7DMT and PPF but what makes the most sense for my 60 day FPP picks.

Should I get in line for 7DMT PPO then go for PPF w/o FPP? If so would one day be better than the other, I believe BoG is a faster breakfast. Or should I split it up, one each day and pick up three other headliners in FPP for each day?

Also 6/23 DD6 will be at BBB for 4:30 and Snow White dinner at 7:30pm.


Edit: I’ve changed CRT to dinner and just doing BoG breakfast. Makes more sense this way from a value point since I’m using DDP too and don’t need to be PPO both days.

You may be able to follow that plan after BOG (but be sure to get there early…arrive at park before 7:45, 7:30 is better. We have blown this in the past by not arriving early enough, not anticipating the slow resort monorail ride and long lines at BOG to pay.) For CRT, it is such a special experience and so expensive that I would not want to have to worry about rushing out. Personally I would schedule a later CRT breakfast or a different meal. Sounds like a fantastic time, enjoy!!

Regarding FPP, it depends on how many times you want to ride SDMT or PPF. Assume that you won’t be able to get same-day FP for those so I would get FPP for both if I could, then if I got to ride early at PPO/RD decide if I want to ride again or switch them to another ride. If you get to SDMT PPO it should be easy to get in line just outside PPF for rope drop.

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Thanks for the advice! I think i’m not looking to do rides multiple times but to cover as much as the MK as possible at a relaxed pace. So knowing i could knock off a headliner or two w/o a FPP would be nice for planning.

Good point about CRT.

With an 0800 CRT reservation my wife and daughter did not get out till 0915ish taking a leisurely pace. This was Jan 12, 2020, marathon day (which ended up being a CL 4), but definitely felt good till mid morning.

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BOG can be a little unpredictable so I would still do a FPP for PPF. Get on 7D right after breakfast. If you get to PPF in time to do the standby line with little wait, do it (line is cool) and drop the FPP for something else.