Two back to back reservations, when can I book FPP?

Ok I had originally booked for August 14-21. Due to flight prices, it was cheaper to fly down on August 13 and book a new, one night, fun and sun room only reservation at the same resort (Pop). The original reservation was part of the free dining promo and the tickets are park hopper specifically for August 14-21. So one would think that I could book at 60 days out from August 14 which would be June 15, right?

However on my MDE, it says I can book starting on June 14…hence my utter confusion.

I could always make sure I’m up both days just in case it lets me book, I’m not worried about waking up early. It’s more I don’t want to pin my hopes on booking a day early only to have them cruelly dashed before I’ve had coffee.


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They let you book according to the resort reservation, not the tickets you buy.



Your one night stay opens up the FP booking window.

But your tickets will only let you book for days starting on the day of your package.

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Excellent! Day 2 of my trip I’m going to HS and I was cringing at the thought of trying to get SDD at 60+1, now I feel I’ll have a better chance getting them at 60+2!

Thank you so much guys!