Tutto Italia lunch vs. dinner

I am considering ADR for here for out Thanksgiving week trip. I am torn on trying to do a lunch reservation on the earlier side, assuming we do a quick and light breakfast, or a dinner reservation. My DH want to grab a bite at Tangierine Cafe while we are at Epcot. He can do this for either lunch or dinner. I guess I am wondering a. If Tutto Italia is worth dining at, and b. if lunch vs. dinner makes a difference.


We are NOT doing the dining plan

Following. Also curious about Tutto Italia for an upcoming visit.

We like Tutto Italia but wasn’t able to get it for our Easter trip. We could have gotten a lunch reservation but didn’t want to give up touring or pool time. I think the menus are similar for lunch and dinner, but you should check before you book.

I’ve done lunch there several times, but haven’t been for dinner since it changed from Alfredo’s (which was so much better than Tutto).

It’s one of my family’s favorite restaurants. We love it. We’ve only done dinner.

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