Tutto Italia for Two - ADR Question


The background…I’ve tried to get a Tutto Italia reservation going on four years now. In all that time the only available reservation I’ve ever seen for a party of two is 9:15 PM, regardless of how far out I check. We’re now coming up on what’s going to be our last WDW trip for a few years, so we decided to have a late meal at Tutto Italia just mark that restaurant off of our list.

In the last few weeks I’ve had some very good success snagging last-minute cancellations of some difficult to get reservations. So I decided to check and see if I could snag a better time for Tutto Italia. What I’m seeing is this. On the day I’m checking, there are dinner reservations available for parties of three or four at 6:30 PM and 8:30 PM. For parties of less than three or greater than four there is only 9:15 PM.

Question: What’s up with ADRs at Tutto Italia? This 9:15-only party of two phenomenon has been too consistent to be a glitch or an accident. Does anyone have any insight into how a party of two might be able to get a reservation at Tutto Italia before park close, or is there just something quirky about this restaurant that I’m not aware of? I tried doing a search on this forum on the internet at large, but did not find anything relevant to my particular question.


They’ve probably just not got many 2 tops. Book for 3 and tell them it’s just the 2 of you when you arrive.



But why not just book it for a group of 3 if that’s available? Then just tell them there’s just two of you after all. No penalty for that.


Ha! We double posted there. :smile:


At least we both said the same thing and didn’t confuse @paulleewatkins!


I’ve read previous recommendations about overbooking the party, but I’ve never tried it. I actually thought about it before I started this topic. But I’m kind of paranoid about attempting it. One million people in a row can get away with something until I try it. For some reason I’m the one they always decide to question or make an example of. No exaggeration. I have never been able to get away with anything.

Assuming it’s not considered a serious breach of protocol, how would I book a party of three with only two parties available in MDE? Would I need to create a decoy party member? Or can I just not specify the third party member?


I routinely make ADRs for more people than I travel with. I know that as long as I show up it is fine and if I end up meeting family or friends I don’t have to worry.


You only need to name yourself on a reservation, just put in the number of people.


Thanks. Maybe I won’t screw it up for everybody else.


Time for a mystery date, then. I hope my wife doesn’t find out.


Excellent sleuthing to figure that out.

As an aside, I never name the other guests on the list as we are a party of 6 and it takes a few minutes to designate everyone and there is really no reason–unless it’s a prepaid dinner like CRT of course.

The little connecting wine bar Tutto Gusto is really good as well–their menu is limited (only some of the pasta, sandwiches, and apps are available on the menu) but it is the same food as Tutto Italia. Although I don’t know whether you could ask to order from the full menu as I’ve never tried. it is walk-up only. Different atmosphere but I enjoy both of them. Not that it matters now as you have presumably secured a reservation for 2 + a mystery guest. Enjoy!


I’m still waiting for a text back from my non-mystery date, who’s at work. I just realized I would have to cancel an overlapping Frozen FP and there are no times left. I can’t do that without executive authorization.


You absolutely do not need to create a fictional person. They are aware that their system makes it necessary for people to sometimes put in for more than their party - especially parties of 1 and especially at 'Ohana where the system 100% will not recognize a single person (it’s a known issue - I have talked with them on the phone about it). Other odd numbered parties can also have issues - though not with the frequency that solos do.

As long as at least one person on the ADR shows, you’re not going to get charged a no-show fee. That said, I would not book for 6 knowing there are only 2 - in that case they may well make you wait for a smaller table. I have also made the ADR for 2 or 3 and then modified it online to 1 (except at 'Ohana) with no problem.


Done! Thanks to everyone for the help.


I’m right there with you. I got a reservation for three. It makes no sense to me that they can accommodate three, but not two. There must be a gremlin in the reservation system.


Probably only have 4-tops left would be my guess.