Tusker House vs Sanaa

We are traveling in October, my kids (10, 14, 17, 17, 22) are not really into characters so much anymore, but they do like the menu options for the Tusker dinner or lunch.

The other option would be to go for late lunch or early dinner at Sanaa.

We have my parents with me (late 70s) and I’m worried that if we leave the park for Sanaa, they’ll just go home after that! Ha!

If we do go to Sanaa, do we drive from AK to Sanaa, or take the transportation? And if we do go to Sanaa, and my parents leave, is missing the nighttime AK action a big deal?

The park is supposed to be open until 9 when we are there. I think that my parents would mostly enjoy shows, Pandora (if I can get them FP+), but they’ve been to Kenya so the safari is ok just not that amazing.

I can’t decide Tusker (stay in the park, keep everyone together), or Sanaa (which I think mostly everyone would enjoy more ambience-wise and food-wise.)

The setting and food at Sanaa are much better than TH (although for a buffet character meal it is quite good). Sanaa is also significantly quieter as TH can get loud. It does take a decent chunk of time to leave the park though (but can be a nice break). You could drive from AK to Sanaa or take the bus. As far as the nighttime at AK, Pandora is fabulous to see at night and I think ROL is worth seeing at least once.

I would leave the park and go to Sanaa. I would aim for a late afternoon reservation to appreciate the view onto the savanna while dining. I would request a window seat when checking in and indicate you’re willing to wait I would let the elders opt out of the evening if they want - I love AK but I am not especially blown away by the evening activities there (though I LOVE the tree of life awakenings) and a nice quiet evening at resort can be a delightful way to spend the night too.

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As said above, the food and ambiance at Sanaa are MUCH better, but the cuisines are quite different. TH has an African flare and Sanaa is primarily Indian. But are you talking lunch or dinner? For me, a lot of the charm of Sanaa is being able to watch the animals on the savanna; if you go after dark you’ll miss out on that. I don’t care for either CMs or buffets, but TH is the one that I will go to voluntarily. If you plan on being in the park RD to closing, the break going to Sanaa might be nice.

AS for the PM shows, I haven’t been there since either ROL or Pandora have been open, but they are both at the top of my “must do” list for my next trip.

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The Carnivale is great fun too, and if your parents like shows they’ll likely love the atmosphere of it too.

I still stay Sanaa but give them a reason to go back to the park! Tempt them with everything lol!

Thanks everyone! I think Sanaa sounds better for us too. I appreciate the feedback!

With the option of a car I would definitely drive. It is about 5 minutes away.

It has been several years since I have eaten at TH. It was good but we found Sanaa better. As an added bonus you would save money eating at Sanaa. TH would cost nine Disney adults around $470+.

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Ah, Sanaa for sure then!

My kids will be 10 & 11 this upcoming trip. It will be their fourth trip and their top restaurant request is always Saana. We are going twice, 1st day and last day of our trip (13 days). I would shoot for a reservation about an hour before sunset. We also like to get there early and sit on the rockers on the deck outside the bar.

And I suggest the Bread service as an appetizer, my kids love it.

We are use the buses exclusively (we are at POP), we don’t find travel to take that long.

I have to add that seeing Pandora is pretty cool, but it isn’t a MUST see for us.