Tusker House ROL dining package Question

I am trying to make dining package reservations for Tusker House and it will only allow me to do so up until 6/30? My trip is in July. Anyone know why and when I will be able to?

I couldn’t book a Fantasmic dining package until about 5 months before our trip; these dining packages don’t seem to follow the 180 day policy.

I just made it a habit of checking each morning during breakfast.

I just booked the Rivers of Light dining package at Tusker House for early May. Super excited for ROL! I love adding new experiences to each trip.

It might be because they haven’t posted ROL show times for July yet. There is the potential for adding a 3rd ROL show over the busy summer months, which could alter the dining package dynamics.

They have a rule that the dining packages need to be a certain amount of time before the show. My ADR in February is the latest time I could get for Tiffins- 3:30

The reservation needs to be at least 2.5 hours prior to the show. That may be why.