Tusker House PPO ADR to KS 2020

Is this still a viable option for 2020? After breakfast get in line without FPP for KS. This is assuming i’ll have a 9:30am FFP for FoP 66 days out. Touring Plans is saying the projected wait time for KS would be less than 15 mins @ 9:05am…


I hope it’s the same in 2020! I just did this July 2019. We were first in Tusker House. Took our time and when we finished walked right onto KS!


Can’t imagine why it would change. We used to do this every trip. After Safari - it would still be a <30 min wait for EE.

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I figured it wouldn’t have but when I searched the forum the only things I found were from 2018 or older or how PPO ADR is not good for FoP vs rope drop. I’ll have to keep an eye out for EE, I was going to FPP that one too. Thanks for the tip!

We last went in 2017, but we did Tusker House PPO, then walked on KS and had a FP+ for EE but when we got to EE, the line was at 15 mins so we waited in standby first, then used our FP+ so we got 2 rides out of it!

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