Tusker House or Garden Grill Breakfast

For our upcoming vacation this fall, I would like to do one TS breakfast. We’ve never done Garden Grill or Tusker House, and I am leaning toward one of them. I would like to go early to take advantage of RD at either Soarin or Kilimanjaro Safari. They are both comparable in price. Any input would be appreciated!

We did both on our last trip. I’d probably lean Tusker House if you can only do one, but it’s a slight lean. Tusker house buys you more choices in a buffet breakfast plus some slightly exotic dishes from Africa that you wouldn’t see normally, but tons of traditional breakfast choices as well which should satisfy even a picky eater. Garden Grill is sit down family style - nice spread, but fewer choices. If buffets were an issue due to mobility, I’d go Garden perhaps.

Characters are the big 4 at Tusker in Safari outfits vs. Chip & Dale, Mickey & Goofy at GG in case that matters. Presuming you can get similar times for each, both are good, but I’d do Tusker House for Breakfast again first…


My vote is for Tusker House! We do pre-RD breakfast there almost every trip. Love the character interaction, love the huge variety. Plenty of familiar American breakfast items - Mickey waffles! - and lots of interesting international options too. Love the tropical juice!

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Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate the input!