Tusker House or Garden Grill breakfast?

Would you prefer Tusker House of Garden Grill for breakfast? I know that GG had breakfast years ago…anyone ever been? I got excited when they released the GG breakfast last week and just realized that I have too many TS now (free dining). Thanks!!

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Sorry, never tried the Garden Grill breakfast, but I do enjoy the dinner. I loved TH last time - we started at breakfast but then it switched to lunch. The one thing that I don’t like about GG is that there is no natural light. I would not enjoy this in the morning. TH, otoh, has tons of natural light. Character experiences at both were excellent.

BTW, do you know the date when GG breakfast starts?

@Iheartepcot thanks for the natural light info! GG begins serving breakfast and lunch on 11/8 I believe. I have a reservation for 11/14. Our TH later in the week is at 10:30am, so I think that we would experience the breakfast/lunch change over as well! :slight_smile:

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