Tusker House opening June 20th!

I kind of feel the same but we are not doing any other character meals at all so I think we’ll go for it.

Very spenny for waffles and eggs tho LOL


¿Donde estan mis panqueques?

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Si estuvieran en tu nariz lo sabrías

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Non ti sento, sto esercitando la mia triste tuba. Sei disgraziada a disturbarmi in un momento simile!

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Quello è un corno francese, non una tuba! Non puoi dire la differenza? O sei completamente senza cultura?

I’m sorry, I am not up on my wind instruments

Got em done. Booked my birthday breakfast :smiley: and one more on departure day just in case.

Assumed it would open at 0600 but have been up since 0400 with a raging headache so figured I’d try early and VOILA!

Hope you’ve had success too!


Birthday breakfast, departure day lunch booked!!

Also booked breakfast and dinner on July 23…will likely drop dinner for Pandora at night one more time, but we will see.

It was not up at 5 or 5:30, but just now - BINGO!!


Yippee!!! Booked lunch on arrival day which is what we did on our very first trip!!! Now just need to convince my kid to switch out Chef Mickeys🤞🏻


It came up at 5:35am this morning. The restaurant changed from temporarily closed to opening June 20th and the calendar changes around 5:30. Then rez’s we’re available at 5:35am. Glad it’s back. My DD6 doesn’t understand why Daisy isn’t back though…


I must have just hit it just right!


Me either! #wheresdaisy

I had originally intended to go pre-park opening 2020 but the park closed and I rescheduled to August. Is breakfast before park hours that still a thing now? My 60 day reservations open up next week. I was thinking breakfast at TH then go right on to the safari.

No, breakfast before park hours is not a thing. TH breakfast hours currently start with park opening time, but now everyone is let into the parks about 45 min early. I think H&V at HS is the only other in-park breakfast TS, and it starts 30 min before opening (while people can start entering 45 before opening). In-park early TS breakfasts use up valuable less-crowded touring time.

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I had all my touring plans set up with PPO breakfasts and it helped a lot. Looks like none of that matters now… I guess I should just be happy stuff is reopening.

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