Tusker house dinner reservations


We have made dinner reservations at Tusker house at 4.30pm and I’ve only just seen that the actual AK park closes at 5… That’s a bit of a rush for a family with young children! Has anyone had dinner at Tuskers house and do you know if we are expected to finish up by 5?

Thanks X

you won’t be rushed. you should be fine. I might consider a back up plan for getting back to your resort. Disney won’t leave you stranded, but buses stop running an hour after park closes.

We’re staying off resort so will have a car (but thank you)… When we go in May I’m assuming the river of lights show will be opened so therefore the park will open later??

Maybe I should try and switch it to lunch?..

that’s a possibility - the River of Light. So hours may change.

I’m partial to “brunch” - 10:30/10:45am ADR. You get breakfast AND lunch if you work it right. :smile:

Breakfast is served until 11am then they start to turn over the buffet to lunch options. eat slow, meet the characters and sample some brunch. Have fun!

Ha - good plan