Tusker House - Buffet?

For those of you who have been recently, is Tusker House still/back to being a buffet? Last time I was there was in 2014 and it was an open buffet where you could sample everything. Looking at the menu it shows starters, entrees, sides, and desserts. Can you still sample everything, or do you have to choose one from each category?


Nope to what? It was kind of an either or question… Never mind; I reread the post; I guess it means that it is not a buffet.

Which means for $55, I’ll pass; meeting characters doesn’t really mean that much to me.


Sorry. Yes I meant nope not a buffet

It’s not worth the expense right now. Which makes me sad as we always loved it. But it’s basic breakfast with one specialty dish added.


My family wasn’t impressed by the lunch/dinner option. It was so expensive for what we got- much prefer the variety of the classic buffet.

Can each person choose from each category or is it one selection per party?

They just bring a skillet of everything over. There’s no choosing.

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Ok, so we can have everything that is currently on the menu - correct?

You get all of this, and they will replenish anything you want

As you can see – it’s pretty basic breakfast. For $42/adult. Pass.

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I am planning lunch… doesn’t seem so bad.

Yes for lunch you would get a skillet of everything that’s there.

It’s not bad but it’s an incredibly far cry from what it was. Barely a shadow of itself. And IMO overpriced for what it is.

Lunch is $55/adult. Save yourself a BOATLOAD of money and go to Y&Y.


The fact that you can have some of everything, and it’s still basically all you can eat makes the price a bit more acceptable, and I have never really liked having to go up to a buffet line to get my food. I may reconsider.


If you go at 10:30ish can you get both breakfast and lunch options like pre-pandemic? And if so would it be breakfast pricing?

This I can’t answer as we were firmly in the breakfast bunch

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Loved the TH for a late lunch (3:30pm) back in March. We really enjoyed the food (my 2.5 year old included) and we were able to fill up for our main meal of the day!

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