Tusker House- Brunch Time

Has anyone experienced a 10:30AM reservation at Tusker House. What happens when breakfast and lunch overlap? Are you able to try a little of both, or do you get rushed out?

I haven’t been myself, but I’ve seen numerous people report that they’ve been able to eat both breakfast and lunch food when they eat right around 10:30am. Never heard of anyone being rushed out because of the food changeover.

You’re not rushed out at all, and the changeover is gradual so you have plenty of time to get a couple of plates of breakfast food before moving on to lunch.


You don’t get rushed out at all. Sometimes, you get more character interactions because the breakfast diners rush out and the lunch diners aren’t all there yet. But every time we have done it, it’s worked really well for us because we have kids who won’t touch the lunch food and kids who prefer the lunch food, and they can all eat what they want, quite happily. It’s the best of both worlds, as far as we are concerned.

What time do you usually reserve?

We usually do 10:30 on the dot and there’s more than enough time for everyone to get breakfast before lunch. Usually, they leave breakfast out on one of the buffet lines while they switch the other one over to lunch, so for a period of time, both breakfast and lunch are out together.

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We did a 10:40 ADR time. It was perfect. They still had the full breakfast spread for our first 20-30 minutes there after being seated. It was probably 11:15-ish before the transition to lunch was in full swing. We stayed and were able to sample lunch too. I would do the same time again in the future.

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If you have a 10:30 reservation and you manage to stay for lunch foods do you pay breakfast or lunch price? Trying this out on November 1st :slight_smile:

Breakfast prices. We do this every trip, 10:30 ADR.

Awesome thanks!!!

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