Tusker house breakfast then FOP

Hello! I am trying to decide if we should do Tusker House for breakfast before rope drop or do a brunch around 1045. I have read people recommending both. I don’t want to feel rushed at breakfast by feeling the need to get out quickly before the rides open. This is going to be our only character dining so I do want to enjoy it!:slight_smile: My initial plan was to arrive and rope drop FOP and continue on for the day and do brunch. If we did breakfast how likely would it be for us to still rope drop FOP? Or perhaps we could do a different touring plan… If I book breakfast I’ll probably still book a brunch on case it ends up being extra magic hours. We are going the last week of Feb so our dining opens on Sunday!:grin:

Don’t do it before FOP, you’re setting yourself up to be at the end of a very long line.


@missoverexcited that’s what I was worried about :roll_eyes: Although if I get a FPP for it I suppose we would not have to rope drop…

I’d probably RD and get a FP myself.


@missoverexcited good point!

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Definitely do the brunch time, it’s awesome! If you end up doing RD it’s a nice treat to relax for a bit afterwards.


Awesome! Thank you! That’s what I’ll try to do!