Tusker house adr

I have a Tusker House ADR for 10:10, what is the best thing to do before it? Or should I just cancel it?

DON’T do Kali River Rapids :smiley: We did before our TH ADR and got SOAKED. Wrung out our clothes in the nearest restrooms as best as we could and still froze in the air-conditioned restaurant!

The safari is very close. If you arrive at RD you might have time for something else - Everest maybe? and then the Safari. Or just do the Safari - it’s simplest - excellent ride and close…

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How long does the Safari last?

Touring Plans says 20 minutes - it’s somewhat variable as if a Giraffe wanders into the path, the trucks stop and you wait. That’s of course from load time & even near rope drop there’ll be some wait in all probability so your quickest is likely 30 minutes roughly…

Don’t cancel! We always do TH around that time frame, one it’s less crowded (unless you are at wdw in a busy time) and two we always do a safari right before. The animals are up & active and we can usually beat the crowds there too.

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I was wondering the same thing, we have an ADR for 9:45 with EMH at 8 that day. I was hoping we could get in at least the safari to see active animals that day before breakfast.

Safari and Festival of the Lion King

I also have TH at 10:30 but on an EMH day. Picked the 10:30 slot so we could sample breakfast and lunch. My TP says I can do EE>KS>KRR >and tough to be a bug and still have 30 minutes before TH. Dont know how accurate that will turn out but well see. Figure we’d need the 30 minutes to change clothes after Kali. Was going to pass on Kali pre TH but it’s our favorite and plan on doing it 2-3 Times.

Before our 10.30 TH last summer we did EE 3 times (opened at 9.15 ish) and then KRR. Luckily didn’t get too soaked!

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You could do the Kilimanjaro Safari and then if you have time to kill, you could explore Gorilla Falls until it’s time to eat.

We do TH and then Safari and Gorilla Falls. In your case I would do Safari and Gorilla Falls, then TH :slight_smile:

I agree with Safari and then Gorilla Falls. :slight_smile: