Tusker House 10:30 reservation & FPs

Hi All,

Just wanting some advice on FP timings for our AK day. We are a honeymooning couple & it will be our first time to WDW. We have a 10:30 reservation on our AK day to Tusker House in order to get the half breakfast / half lunch service.

The park opens at 9am that day. There is EMH from 8am & we’re staying at AKL so we can be there from 7am to be in the first wave of FOP no problem.

My question is- with the park opening at 9am. Our best case scenario for FP+ is 9-10am & then 10am - 11:00am. Is it worth trying to squeeze in a 10-11am FP; that has enough time to check in, ride, and then walk to Tusker House all with enough time? I understand AK is hotter than the sun- I’d rather not be melted by the time we get to Tusker House.
Everything worth FP’ing seems like it would be super tight by the time we walk etc?
Would you just do 1 FP before breakfast and then the other 2 after brunch?

yes, and i would get Kilimanjaro Safari for that first FPP. Rope drop FOP and Navi, get to KS as early inthe FPP window you can, if you are out of KS early you can either do a little of Gorilla Falls trail or shop in Harambe, and aim to get to TH by 10:20 for your 10:30 reservation. Assume you’ll be done with TH at 12noon, so make your next 2 FPP at noon and 1pm if you can

IF you can get FOP FPP for either of your 2 2nd FPPs I’d grab ir, even if you got it at rope drop. you are going to wantto ride it again if you can, and youcan always change it if not


And the other FP would be a nice time for KRR

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