Tusker 8am and FoP

Hi all- hoping to get clarity on the access to Pandora. I have a 8am reservation to Tusker on a 9am opening day at AK on Nov. 17th. Sadly couldn’t get a FP for FofP, but do have one for Navi River (9-10). Assuming we eat quickly at Tusker are we gaining anything at all from the normal crowd for getting into stand by for FofP? - I had hoped we would have access through the Festival of Lion King path from Africa down to Pandor, but sounds like that won’t be open for us.

Will being at Tusker actually hurt us compared to just showing up 75 minutes earlier for rope drop and should I consider cancelling that reservation?

Any observations would be greatly appreciated! thanks

Yes it will. You will be very far behind the crowds as they have been starting the rides at 8:30 for a 9am open. On 10/19 we were off of Navi by 8:40 even though the park didn’t open until 9. At that point the FOP line already said 120 minutes.

Yes if FOP is your priority. Try to make it for 10:30, then you get to have a wonderful brunch at 10:30 as breakfast food slowly changes to lunch food at 11. We do this every trip.


thanks for the reply, and unfortunately that’s what I figured. There’s no current reservations to be had to move Tusker but I’ve put it into the handy reservation finder here so hopefully can shift it to a brunch as you suggest Wahoohokie.

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We were at AK yesterday. Met some folks that got on line for FoP at 7:30a and were out of the ride at 9:30a. All morning the wait got longer, went up to 3 hours. We watched and waited until 3:15p to get in line, and were then out of the ride at 4:45, so 1.5 hrs total. It was well worth the wait. Incidentally, the wait shortened to 1 hour in early evening, around 5:30ish. I advise to wait it out until afternoon at the earliest. We had Navi FP for morning thank goodness. Again, interestingly enough, when I saw a 1 hour wait for FoP at 5:30p, the wait for Navi was 2 hours. I don’t think Navi is worth a 2 hour wait. If you don’t have any FP for either ride and want to choose between standby, go for FoP.