Turtle talk

Is turtle talk worth going to see if u have no kids

I would say probably not. It's cute, and the technology is cool, but my DH and I chose to skip it on our adults-only trip.

Ok so

How long is it and can u leave if u want

UG says the show lasts 17 minutes (it's been awhile since we've seen it smile). I don't know whether or not you can leave mid-show, but someone else might.

On a side note, Monster's Inc Laugh Floor uses the same technology, and I think it's lots of fun - for both kids and adults!

My DH and I have seen it twice with no kids and thought it was hilarious and cute both times! 😃 If you have time you could check it out.

I'm in my late 20s (with no kids), and I enjoy Turtle Talk with Crush. smile Yes, you can leave after it's started (through a side door, I believe).

Thank u everyine I guess I will give a shot after a couple of beers in me lol

Go see it it is great. Small time commitment. You will enjoy watching the kids sitting on the floor interacting with Crush. You may also learn some cool facts about sea turtles.
Also, go see Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. You never know, you may be "that guy"