Turning two resort reservations into one

Hello. I currently have two rooms at POR on two different reservations for 3 people total. I am wanting to instead get one of the AoA family suites for the three of us. My question is how to transfer the two reservations to one? Will Disney be able to transfer my payments from one reservation to the other without me having to get refunds and do the payments again?

I think so. Last year they were able to consolidate my two consecutive reservations at the same resort into one. Just call and ask. :smile:

ETA: And I didn’t have to cancel and rebook. They transferred my deposit.

OK @PianoMinnie, I’ve been meaning to ask you this - what does “ETA” mean? To me it means “Estimated Time of Arrival”, but I don’t think that’s what you mean. :slight_smile:

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Learn something new every day - I can go home now. :wink: