Tune In Lounge full menu still?

So, my mother decided she’s joining us, with only 10 days to go. I have been able to add her to some of our ADRs, and I know that it’s usually not a problem to have 1 extra but the one I’m particularly worried about is Minnie’s Seasonal Dine Fantasmic package lunch, which it will not let me modify at all.

There are seats available for the Fantasmic dessert party so my current thought is that maybe my older niece (she’s 10) and I can do that instead and just get lunch at Tune In Lounge, if that’s still an option. Does anyone have recent experience with that, or insights on what it might be like at about 1:45 on a CL 4 Monday?

Yep, full menu as of July! Tasty, too.

Yay! I remember eating there years ago but I’ve always had adrs since then. Now I’ll just have to hope it’s not packed that day.