Tuesday Aug 12th honorary Steve countdown thread

46 days til I'm walking right down the middle of Main St, USA! Good morning Liners, how long for you?

Seems like forever. Started packing last night. Driving to Indy tomorrow. I was just thinking, I am not going to a remote island. I can get emergency stuff there. Hopefully, I can shut the trunk on the car tomorrow. Have a great day.

Good morning @gabmom, we've all been there: car packed wondering where to fit the passengers wink

Good morning, friends. I'm down to 418 days. Couldn't fall asleep last night, so I laid in bed and thought about all the delicious things I'll be eating at food and wine. My imaginary food coma led to actual sleep!

Hello @JustTimmy, @gabmom and @theredhead. 175 for me!

Maybe I should have tried that last night.

My doctor suggested visualizing my "happy place" when my insomnia is particularly bad, she said it would help me relax. It's surprisingly effective as long as I don't take a mental trip on Space Mountain.


Good morning, everyone! One week from today I head back to our happy place!

I will be on vacation next week, but not THAT vacation.

Yay for vacation! Where are you heading, @JustTimmy?

5 days! Good morning @JustTimmy & everyone!

Hello everyone. -1, 213 & 311 for us.

Good morning everyone! 83! I got a great idea for a children's book in the middle of the night - Swiss Family Robinson...IN SPACE. I'm going to have to ponder this today.

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Good morning Linahville! 31 more days till I'm back home!!

93 days until we begin our first Disney adventure as a family.

24 more loooong days!

Good morning everyone! 122 days

Good morning, good morning, we've talked the whole night through, good morning , good morning to you!

I'm at 70 days!!

8 days! Though since my countdown app doesn't count today, really, it's more like 8.6 days or thereabouts.

20 Days for us, Can't wait. Working on all my touring plans!