Tue FP day went perfectly

Today was my FP day, I was so nervous since it’s a Tuesday and everyone seems to have problems with Disney’s system on Tue. However, I had no system issues at all. I logged in prior to 6am CT and kept refreshing until it actually turn 6:00. I was able to get 7D on 60+1 at 2pm for 6 ppl, FoP midday on 60+3, 7D again at 8:45 on 60+5, and SDD at our preferred time on 60+6.
Just wanted to reassure other Tue FP people that they still have a chance! (I’ve been freaking out about this for weeks.) :slight_smile: Good luck!


so glad you had no problems! looks like you were able to get what you wanted :+1:

Yay! Ours is on a Tuesday in October, so you’ve given me hope that it will go well, too (unlike every other experience I’ve had with the Disney site this trip :woman_facepalming:t2:). Thanks!

What was your preferred time? I hoping for a morning time also on 60+6!

Wow - my FP day is Sunday so I wasn’t worried about the Tuesday IT issue; I am just glad the availability was so good. Fingers crossed for Sunday.

But less selfishly - I am happy for you that you didn’t have the IT nightmare!

My preferred time was after 12:00pm, and we got 12:05. This is the last day of our trip and we are doing breakfast at Ohana at 9. I figured to give ourselves from 9-11 for breakfast, and then travel time after that.

Earlier in the week we did Toy Story Midway Mania at 11:45. My kids are little and aren’t big into coasters, so TSMM was more of a priority than SDD for us. Hopefully by the end of the trip they will be more adventorous or my DH & I will just do childswap.

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my fast pass window opens a week friday on the 30th August so i will be crossing my fingers to get the ones want when it opens at 12pm in the UK