TTC to MK transportation question

Is the monorail still not operating until after RD? I’m trying to figure out the best way to get me, my four littles and a double stroller to MK. Do I have to fold the stroller if I use a ferry? I don’t think I could manage all four kids and a folded stroller on a bus. Actually, I know I couldn’t. :slight_smile:

From DIS:

As of 9/27/14: The monorail will have a different operating schedule than normal as an automation upgrade takes place. An automated monorail will allow for faster switching times, more frequent dispatching of trains, and accurate arrival information. Additional buses and watercraft will be available during this time (guests who have early breakfast reservations can also use watercraft or bus service). This schedule will be in place for a few months, but no specific end date has been set. The schedule will be:
Epcot - 8:00am-11:00pm or 1 hour after the Magic Kingdom closes (whichever time is earlier)
Resort monorail - 7:00am-1 hour after the Magic Kingdom closes
Express monorail - 8:30am-1 hour after the Magic Kingdom closes

You can roll your stroller with kids in it right onto the ferry… I would think that might be easiest for you! Plus… Imo… It’s more fun on the ferry :wink:

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@PrincipalTinker - Is it the Express Monorail that starts at 8:30 that takes one to MK? Can you also take the resort monorail (open at 7AM) from TTC and get off at MK?

The express goes back and forth from MK to the TTC. The resort monorail does stop at MK! It stops at MK, CR, Poly, GF, and TTC.

So basically there is no issue. If you arrive as early as 7AM, you can take the Monorail from TTC to MK as long as you don’t mind the stops at the resorts. Sounds like no big deal. Good news.

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Funny, since the express lines can get so long I do not know why more people don’t use the resort monorail.

I read this tip somewhere on Disney Tourist Blog. Bricker recommends taking the resort monorail esp at night back to the lots.

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Thanks all, that helps. It was throwing me off all summer when it was closed until 9:00. :slight_smile: