TTC first ferry/monorail time for EMM

We are staying off site and will just be doing one day at Magic Kingdom. We are doing EMM that day. Does anyone know what time the first ferry or monorail is from the TTC? We need to be there before 7:30 am on a 9 am opening day. I have always stayed in a Disney resort so never had to go to the TTC before.

I called Disney and was told that the parking lot should open at 7 and that the ferry wouldn’t be running but the monorail “should” start running a little after 7. Has anyone experienced if this is true? The call certainly didn’t fill me with confidence. Since we are playing the extra money for the EMM I want to be sure we are there in time. Would it be better to try Uber and walk from the Contemporary? We have never used Uber and will need a car seat.

In all my reading, it says the parking lot + ttc should be open way early enough to make it. I’ll be watching this to see if anyone with first hand knowledge responds though. :slight_smile:

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It’s a mixed bag. We have been there that early and there have been times when the monorail wasn’t running but the Ferry was. I will say we road the ferry twice today. You can expect to wait max 15 minutes to be settled on the Ferry and seven minutes to cross the lake. Today the crowd was so large for the Monorail that the Ferry was the way to go. For you to gauge, if the Monorail line goes to the bottom of the ramp, the Ferry will be faster. If the line goes to half way down the ramp or to the top of the ramp, the Monorail will be faster.


Thank you so much for this tidbit!

Thank you very much! That is very helpful!

We’ve stayed at Disney resorts (incl. the Poly) and regularly rent automobiles so we’ve gone thru the TTC regularly. Since all the extra safety stuff was instituted 5~8 years ago, I’ve become less a fan of the Monorail and more of a Ferry guy.
Monorail reminds me of the NYC Subway which is not a “ride.”