TT single rider

What is your experience with TT single rider. Is the wait time pretty consistent throughout the day? I am thinking of leaving TT out of my morning plan and riding it twice later using single rider. I didn’t know if that was a bad idea.

I don’t know specifically but in general single rider is hard to call, since you just don’t know how many odd-numbered groups are coming through the line. On our last trip we waited 30 mins for single rider on RnRC at 9.15 (posted wait 40 mins). Sometimes it’s quick, sometimes it isn’t.

From everything I’ve read, RnR and TT are entirely different experiences with single rider. I’ve heard with RnR you can never tell and once the stand by reaches 60 minutes, single rider can be quick or can be 30 minutes or more. I’ve also read that TT can be quick almost any time of day. I just didn’t know how that time changes for TT as the lines grew.

TT cars are rows of 3, so the single rider line moves faster than RR, which has rows of 2. There are more opportunities for the CM to fill seats with singles. Unless you really want to ride with your party and/or design your test vehicle, use single rider for TT.

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