TT or Soarin

I am coming up on our 30 day window for FP. We will be going to Epcot one afternoon and the next morning. Assume I get a FP for Frozen on the first day and have to wait in line for either TT or Soarin on the first day so I can FP one of them for the second day. Which one should we wait in line for on the first day?

I would choose Soarin. Many Liners will tell you TT has had technical problems at start of day and it also has single rider line, if that might help you.

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TT is always having tech problems. For that reason I would fast pass it because then if you go there at fastpass time when its having one of its tech problems they give you an automatic any time fast pass for it and can go and do other stuff etc and return when it’s working

However if you are in the queue without a fast pass and it breaks down at any stage then you have lost out and wasted loads of time

Queue for soarin (which IMO is by far the better ride and won’t have the same chance of tech problems) and fastpass TT to make sure you are safe however bad a day the ride is having

You will kick yourself if you queue 40 mins for TT then it breaks down

Three times I’ve queued for TT and it’s been faulty over the years

Twice its happened on dinosaur at AK as well which I believe is another “temperamental" ride as well for tech faults

I agree, FP TT because of the technical issues. Soarin is generally not a long wait these days, especially at RD.

Re the anytime fastpass return when a ride is having tech faults

I didn’t realise you could get this until 10 mins of waiting in line for fastpass whilst the ride was down - so for any ride I think you do need to go and ask someone at the fastpass entry as soon as you see a potential tech problem

Can’t remember what they did but when we went back we just scanned through as though our fast pass was valid at the later time

Touring Plans has a you tube video on fast pass strategy for Epcot.