Tsum tsum in US

My DD has recently become obsessed with the mini tsum tsums. We have bought several at The Disney Store and there are tons on ebay. They originally come from Japan, but at this point we are only interested in purchasing the ones that have been released in the US (hoping many from Japan eventually come to US). Does anyone know all the tsum tsums that have Only been released in the US?

I love the tsum tusms too. I’m pretty sure Disney is the only distributor of tsum tsums in the US, and the little ones are mostly found in the Disney stores NOT at WDW. When I was there two weeks ago, I only saw the larger ones at Downtown Disney, and none in the parks. I think you’re probably safe assuming that the ones listed on Disneystore.com are all of the ones that have been released so far.

Tsum tsums!!!
Sorry, nothing to add, just showing my upcoming tsum tsum addiction which I know I will have as soon as I get my hands on the first one.

My daughter had us going high and low to see if they had Tsum Tsums in the Magic Kingdom last week.
Turns out they don’t - but now I am fairly sure that “Tsum Tsum” really means “Look Look”. :wink:

If you haven’t happened to have seen it already, the Disney Store site has a page which lists all the current ones, and you can even select the character groups to search for:

Thanks everyone for your responses! DD has the ones that are currently on the Disney Store website (well, I have them hidden in a closet until the holidays), but I was wondering if there were any that were retired before her addiction set in? Rumor has it that Figaro, Jiminy Cricket, Bambi, Miss Bunny and Thumper were released and are sold out??

I did see Figaro & Jiminy(got him at WOD at Disneyland a few months ago) during initial release, haven’t seen Bambi, Miss Bunny or Thumper on Disney store website, Disney stores or outlets. WOD at DLR just restocked this month. http://imgur.com/smuIaWP