TSMM Update?

So the work on the que was supposed to end May 7? Any confirmation that it is done? Are they back up to 2 tracks or still at 1? Anyone hear anything about if they plan on reopening FPP prior to June 30?

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We are at HS today. Still one track and no FPs. Line was around 1 hour wait all day.


I’m really bummed about this. We are going in early June and I’m really hoping to get a fast pass, but for now they aren’t offered during our dates. It is frustrating, but understandable given all they have to do to get Toy Story Land ready.

I called a couple of days ago and she said that “no fastpasses” will most likely extend throughout June. Bummer for us because we are going early June too. Anyone have any luck rope dropping this for a shorter wait time?

We are in that same timeframe. I am still holding out a little hope that they at least have the 2nd track back open.

The problem that I see is that those tracks have been modified to use the ne entrance, which is on the other side of the building, which is inside the new TSL.

So the chances of them opening them up are small. Especially given how close they are cutting things. They have about 6 weeks to opening. They will need to be getting CMs in for training, test the rides with real people and at full capacity before the media previews on the 28th and 29th of May.

It seems to me like that will all have to be done with CMs, because they’re still working on the landscaping, and trying to fix whatever issue there is with the roof of the Swirling Aliens. That was similar with FEA, when the final ride testing was carried out with CMs whilst the animatronics still had no faces and no clothes!

There is a site that is reporting that it will be closed to the general public from June 11th through the 29th, reopening on the 30th. Although I expected something like this, that site has a reputation of publishing sensationalistic headlines that don’t always have the facts to back them up. The official Disney site reads:

“As we look toward completing work on the new entrance and queue, TSM will not be available from June 11 through June 18, 2018”

. IF the comment on that other site about it not reopening to the public until June 30th is true (and Disney makes no mention of this), that could be an indication of previews and/or “soft” openings (although I seriously doubt the latter).

TSMM FPs just opened up for June 1, 2018. I snagged them!


Crass…Thanks! Just snagged on for June 9.

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I just got a fast pass for May 23rd.

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I just snagged June 9 as well! EXCITING!!!

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FP for June 27 are still not available.

There are FPs available up unti the closure. None reported, so far, for the period after it re-opens.

And a general reminder that until TSL opens, the existing tiers remain. So you will have to modify RnR or other tier 1 ride, to see any FPs for TSMM. That has caught out a lot of people elsewhere!