TSMM Opening 6/18?

I am confused. Leaving for our trip in 3 days. haven’t been keeping up with the forum. We will be in WDW from 6/13 through 6/23. I did not think TSMM was going to be available during our trip because of the construction of the new entrance. Now WDW website says it will be closed from 6/11 thru 6/18. When it opens on 6/19, won’t the entrance now be in Toy Story Land? I thought Toy Story Land was not opening until 6/30? Did I miss an opportunity to get a FP for this attraction? Sorry for being out of touch!

No one seems to know yet what the entrance will be like after the TSMM reopening (and before TSL opening). Probably during the week of the TSMM closure we’ll get some intel from folks onsite. My guess is that there will still be a operational Pixar entrance, without a FPP option, until TSL opens about two weeks later. Or possibly a cordoned off walkway to the new TSMM entrance.

I hope that they will open up FPPs before the TSL opening, as we are there at HS on 6/19.

Unfortunately, our plan has us there on 6/18 because I thought it would be closed until TSL opens on 6/30 :frowning_face:

The new entrance is nowhere near finished yet! If it re-opens, it will likely still use the old entrance, so stand-by only.

At this stage, I wouldn’t even put money on TSMM re-opening on schedule, judging by the general rate of progress.

Good luck, I hope it does open for you !

We to will be there on 6/18. Was hoping for some TSMM, but not gonna happen. Maybe in a future trip down the road.

Same here. We planned 6 months ago to be there on the 18th as well.

We will also be at HS on 6/18. If TSMM reopens on time we may be able to head back after dinner on our Epcot day. fingers crossed because Toy Story is my 4 year-olds favorite.

We will actually be there on the 19th. Guess we will see if it is running.

I’m rope dropping HS on the 19th, and I may stalk the TSL entrance for a bit. Bit I’ve heard they are so far behind that Alien Saucers might not open on the 30th and all the landscaping might not even be done.