TSMM FPP for June?

Just made our FPP for May/June. TSMM was unavailable for the days we wanted, even towards the end of the trip. Googled it and I see that it’s been reported FP are unavailable through May 7, but the dates we wanted are well after that. Anyone know if the no FP dates have been extended, or if they’re likely to become available at a later date?
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They have not loaded any FPs for May, even after that date.

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Currently those who have booked the new Club Level package for extra fastpasses can book up to the middle of June. No FPs available for them either.

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With TSM reportedly going down to a single track, I’d be surprised if any FPPs became available in May or June until the TSL grand opening…

So best guess is early June will be a single track and no fast pass?

Suggestions for riding? How long will a rope drop wait likely be?

That’s the current guess - but nothing has been confirmed or denied by Disney.

The length of the line at RD will be a function of how close to the “front of the pack” you are. If you are one of the first to get there it will be short; if you’re at the back of the crowd, I could see it easily be an hour by the time you get there.

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