TSMM fastpass for June?

Im looking for TSMM fastpasses for 6/29. It is still saying not available. When I called a couple of weeks ago they said they should open up soon. Any ideas when? I’m hoping I didn’t miss them :weary:

I’m still looking for the 26th myself so I don’t think you missed them. When and if I see them I will post.


Don’t get your hopes too high.

Everything points to TSMM re-opening as stand-by only until opening day.

However, just s to raise hopes a little, there is now a D23 preview on June 22nd, before the media and agency preview on 28th & 29th.

That leaves the 23rd to 27th as possible days for soft openings. But if they happen they are likely to very restricted.

Keeping fingers crossed for those of you hoping for a bit of luck!

Where did you see this? It seems strange to me they’d offer D23 and not DVC or AP? We’re going the 21-27. Thanks !

The actual date was reported on the wdwmagic forum by a well known poster there.

The D23 website has it listed, but without any details publically available (I’m not a member).

It looks to me like it was planned a while back, as it’s just listed under “summer 2018”, and they’ve recently set the date. I imagine it’s only for gold members, which would restrict numbers.

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Thought I’d post this.

Thee are special AP holder (gold and up) and DVC events at MK in September, presumably in lieu of previews.

DVC dates are Wed Sept 19th, 26th and Oct 3rd.

I don’t know if dates are released yet for the AP events.

I think this means zero chance for any previews for these groups. Soft openings are now the last best hope!

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Next update!

Randomly selected CMs will be testing SDD from June 14th - 18th.

Then the D23 preview events happens June 22nd.

And media / TA preview June 28th and 29th.

So there’s still time for soft openings either between 19th and 21st or (and more likely I guess) between 23rd and 26th.

26, 26, 26, 26. come on chant with me 26, 26, 26, 26

It is now more or less official that there will be no previews or soft openings. Sorry :disappointed_relieved:

I think it was known for a while. The CMs will only be riding SDD, which has had empty trains going round it for weeks. Much of the rest of the land is a construction zone still, hard hats to enter.

I think there was surprise the D23 event is going ahead, it may be very limited.