TSMM closed our week

So TSMM is closed the week we will be there June 11-18. Our trip is 12-16. Disappointing but not devastating. We are a few of the crazies that think HS is a fun full day park. Anyway, with TSL opening soon and TSMM being open the weeks around it, will crowd levels be lower that week at HS. I know it’s always crowded, but relatively speaking do you think it will be less crowded? Will TP adjust the rating? Currently a 6 on the day we are going.

We are in the same boat. I received a crowd calendar update from Touring plans last week that took our HS day down to a crowd level 2. At the time I just assumed that was an error, but now it make a bit more sense. (Although crowd level 2 is sooooo low!)

Interesting…on one hand, you would think the crowds would be low because of no TSMM, but then I would think the lines at Star Tours, Rock’n Roller & Tower would be longer due to limited options (thus increasing the CL due to longer waits) But my guess is the lower levels are correct because most people will use this park as 1/2 day for sure during this time.

Same for us, closed for our week.
Thought it might happen, since they weren’t offering any FP during that time.
We do love that ride, but at least now we won’t have to rush at rope drop.

Our plan was to rd Jedi sign up, rush to TSMM and hit rnr for FastPass by 10. Now we will hit rnr after Jedi sign up and try to get an extra ride in. Our fp window is 9:30-10:30.

We are going the next week and our HS day is the 18th. The CL that day is still a 6. Hopefully we will be able to make it back the evening of the 20th after our Epcot day because Toy Story is my 4 year old’s favorite movie. And it doesn’t help that Disney Jr keeps showing Toy Story Land commercials and I have to tell him it won’t be open.

Same here - we are going on the 18th to HS…

We will also be at HS on June 18th. Not being able to get a fp for TSMM was a little disappointing, but we decided to spend just a few hours here and then take the kids to the lego store in disney springs to spend some of there money.

We are going to HS on June 19th. It is a 5 that day. I think we will do the Jedi sign up then hit RR first. After that just see what else we want to do. I’m thinking we will only be there to around lunchtime. It is 5 of us youngest is 10 and we have been a few years ago but have not seen the new fireworks show. Would it be worth coming back to see in the evening?

If you have Star Wars fans, and I assume you have since the 10 year old is doing Jedi Training, then yes!

And don’t miss the March of the First Order and follow-up show either, it’s lots of fun. Try and get close to the junction with Sunset Blvd for the March.

The Launch Bay is also quite cool, costumes, models and so on.

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