TSMM before June 30. no advance FPP

Due to construction at Toy Story Land, there are still no advance FPP reservations to be had for TSMM. (somehow I missed this memo. :flushed) We’ll be there 6/26 - yeah, crazy - that’s what we get for solidifying plans 18 months in advance - we miss out on the brand new land by 4 stinking days.

Now what?

  • I’ve heard there might be same day FPP available. Is that only as a 4th?
  • Is it worth dumping the RNRC FPP for TSMM (if they become available)? Or just stick to the plan to run to TSMM at rope drop (but won’t everyone be doing that - what a nightmare!)
  • Is there a chance construction will finish early and FPP will be released ahead of time?
  • Where’s the best place to stay on top of these sorts of things? (Frustrated that I didn’t realize Toy Story FPP wouldn’t be available until I was trying to make my FPP.)

Thanks All! Be curious how others currently planning and traveling to HS without TSMM FPP are handling it all.

If you arrive early, I think it is still the best to get to TSMM first thing in morning by arriving quite early.
However, if you cannot make it to RD or you’re behind the crowd, your best bet should be near the end of the day.

Here’s a link of the first day without FP+ at HS:

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At the moment there are no FPs. That is all that is certain, until the 30th June.

Anything else is speculation. From day-of FPs (they were doing this when they delayed the start of the work) to soft openings, to previews … etc.

Keep reading these boards for updates. Someone will post if things change.

Very good points/reminders. I’ll keep my eyes (ears?) open to learn from others.