TSL Update Pics

For those of you who don’t spend time on other sites, here are some recent photos of the progress in TSL.


Here’s the latest set of TSL aerial photos.

Good progress is being made…


Not a lot of change from the last set of pictures (some may actually be the same), but figured I’d post the link

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Slinky Dog is in the house…

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Thanks for the updates!

Not a picture of the construction site, but here’s a picture of the model of the land revealed at the DHS Preview Center (formerly OMD) on Sept 15th

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It looks cute but I wish there was a bit more to it, and to SW:GE too. We want more attractions!

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Latest aerial pic of TSL construction

The main differences that I see are more props and the start of landscaping on the right side, and that the roof on the Alien Saucers is mostly done. I’ve read that there has been some preliminary testing of Slinky Dog, but no videos have surfaced of that. Current “rumors” are a Memorial Day opening with possibly as much as a month of previews. Insiders are predicting that it will follow the Pandora model wit a number of “special invite” previews, but very little in the way of “public” soft openings.