TSL Opening Day

Thought I’d start a thread for opening day!

WDWMAgic have pictures of the crowd gathering at 4:30am. They actually opened up at 6am and led the crowd through to TSL.

By 6:30am EST, the wait time for SDD was at 80 minutes. :cold_sweat: Bear in mind it wasn’t scheduled to open for another hour and a half.

Good luck to anyone going today! And please post some pictures. :grinning:


According to the Disney app, it’s 270 minutes at the moment.

Arriving at 4:30 for TSL opening! “They” will line up a week ahead for SW opening!
Can’t wait to see some reports.


wow - I just looked at wdwmagic. I am not surprised that it reached capacity - but it hit it very early. 3-4 hours to get in - yikes.
I am not going until Sept. really hope that the low crowd levels that week come through for me LOL

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I am going at the end of September, so I really hope it will have gone down then!

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That’s a lot of humans in Florida summer weather.


Hoping it’s died down just a bit by the 10th. We have FPs, but still. Crazy crowds make me edgy sometimes! Very glad we booked a VIP guide for the 11th.