TSL is driving me nuts!

My trip is booked — there’s no turning back! And why would I want to? It’s going to be a great trip!

Except I’ve started resubscribing to Disney blogs and podcasts and all anyone’s talking about is Toy Story Land. And now that I’m seeing pictures, I’m going crazy! It’s like if TSL isn’t open when I go at the end of June my whole trip will be a complete waste of time and will be ruined!

I don’t even need to go on the rides! I’d be happy just walking around and taking it all in.

Because, honestly, I think it’s going to be huge. Maybe even Pandora huge. Who doesn’t love Toy Story? Who didn’t cry at the end of Toy Story 3?

And Disney must know when it’s going to open. Tell us already! And make it before the end of June!

This is the problem with the internet! It opens up desires you didn’t know you had! If I had quit TP once I’d got home, I probably wouldn’t be going on another trip to WDW ten months after my first one!

Won’t somebody please call me a doctor!


Latest announcement suggested late summer. I’m guessing September.

Actually, that would be OK. There’s no way I could have planned my trip for September, so it’s no worse than Star Wars Land not being open.

It’s if they open TSL in July or August, that I’ll be most traumatised.

In the meantime, I’m ripping the cable out of my internet router!


I know what you mean, we’re going August 2019 and if SW doesn’t open by then I’ll be devastated to be so near yet so far!

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Seriously, it probably won’t be open. Even if it does open the week you’re there, it would be a huge waste of a day to try to see it. The first few weeks of any new area or attraction are INSANE. It makes the other parks much less crowded though! I am thinking crowds might be slightly lower in general this summer, because lots of people will postpone trips until new stuff opens.

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But I want it, I want it, I want it.

stamps feet

puts self on naught step

I see your points. I guess there are plusses and minuses. If it is open, for sure I’m going to at least walk round. It’s even on my schedule! (And if it’s not open, the schedule will change to “sulking all day”.)

I hope the slinky ride is better than 7DMT — I rode that twice last year and didn’t understand the hype.

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So we are going right around the end of May/early June. I have been very ambivalent about TSL opening, and worried that if it did - it would cause crowd headaches. As much fun as it would be to see TSL, I would exchange that for the lower crowd levels that just updated on TP (and hope they come through) and no insanity at HS.

This trip will be DD9 and DD5 first trip to WDW (well, first that either will really remember), so plenty to do without the added TSL. If it opens, we adjust and move on… but if it doesn’t, I think I am ok with that…


7DMT is a small child’s dream!!

Are you saying I’m fat?



if you didn’t like 7DMT, I hope you skipped Barnstormer! :sleeping:

Haha. Yes, I did! Would I even fit on it. What with being so fat and all :wink:

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Oh I loved 7DMT. Probably because I had read on chat that it was very much a kiddie coaster and not worth waiting for. So I made sure we got a FP for one day just to try it, expecting it to be one and done. I loved it so much, but I didn’t have any time left to ride it again.


7DMT is my family’s favorite ride but Snow White is our favorite Disney movie. We always ride it a minimum of 3 times a trip!


You want to talk about pain? We went on a trip last May and had to watch people going into Pandora for cast member previews knowing they were seeing all the new stuff and we would have to go home before the land opened. It was right there behind that wall, and working, and we couldn’t see it. Woe. :laughing::wink::blush:

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My trip starts May 29th and hope it will be open. Crowd Calendar makes it seem like they will be opening it Memorial Day weekend, but I just got notifications from TP that HS crowd projections have been lowered… 30th from 8 to a 7, 31st from a 10 to a 7, 1st from a 9 to a 8 and the 2nd from a 9 to a 8. Weird thing is the 3rd still remains a 10.

Thank you. Barnstormer is going off my plan. Was NOT wowed by Mine Train at all. I was actually sorry I spent a FP+ on it.

Barnstormer is really great for the age 7 and under crowd. Good news is you can almost always get a 4th FPP for it, so if you want to try it, keep checking for a FPP!

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Our trip also starts May 29th and I had the same hope. Now I have a feeling it won’t be open.

Agreed. When we planned our trip, Toy Story Land wasn’t even on our radar - Then TP increases the crowd calendar for HS about a month ago in anticipation of it possibly being open Memorial Day weekend. So, I changed 2 days of park plans and dinner reservations based on how crazy HS looked on the calendar and now it looks like it won’t be open. I’m now hoping even lesser crowds at HS means multiple riding of TSM, RNR, ST & TOT.

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It doesn’t look like Touring Plans expected it to be open. As of sometime this weekend, the option to enter Midway Mania through the TSL entrance has been removed from custom plans.