TS ordering not on Dining Plan

This may seem like a silly question, but our next trip includes the QS plan (we have previously used the regular DP). Question- I have a few ADR for TS restaurants; do we have to order an entree for each of us? Could we order salads and appetizers? Share an entree or dessert? Also, are adults permitted by order from the kids’ menu? I’m used to ordering on the plan and many of the portions are so large I would not normally order that much food! Thanks for any suggestions!

You can order/share what ever you want, even kids menu. They have seen it all, and will gladly take your money.

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Great to know! Thanks!

When you’re dining out of pocket, definitely just think of it as if you are at a restaurant anywhere. The dining plans almost program guests to think “this is the only way” to dine at Disney. When it’s your money, you can order what you please. Not that the dining plans aren’t your money, but they force you to do it their way in that case.

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Sharing is definitely fine… when we’ve done Ladies weekends at the Food & Wine festival we get a DDP and share 2 TS meals between 4 of us at lunch and dinner, since we’ll be snacking all afternoon & evening.