TS/Hurricane Michael


Hopefully Michael will play nice overall…but in particular, it does have the potential, in the very least, make for a very wet set of days for Disney/Universal goers. We were in Orlando when a Tropical Storm passed over several years ago.

If you are going to be down there soon, be prepared to make spend a day NOT in the parks if it comes to that.


Why oh why oh why didn’t Walt buy land in Nevada?


We are in Captiva right now. No rain yet but gloomy skies and the shore line has already come up a few feet.


I have been extremely busy with work in advance of my 4-day getaway, and this morning was “suprise! hurricane!” :frowning: Anyway, I’m hopeful that it’s a bit early to know the track, and hopeful that my late Wednesday night flight will still be possible. Have not heard anything from the airline yet.


I just looked at a satellite image. Due to its lopsided structure, even though the “eye” is due to hit the panhandle, the peninsula may actually get worse weather than Pensacola…


Yeah. We’re leaving Sunday morning. It’s hard to get any info while traipsing through the parks. All I can find is that it’s gonna be soaking and they ordered evacuations but not for Orange County.

I’m seeing that it’ll be very rainy here but that’s all I can get for now.


Serious question. We have a flight into MCO late Wednesday night, flying in from Kansas City. Would you risk that flight, or rent a car to drive in? Need to make the decision by tomorrow. I’m not so much concerned about rain during the trip, but about flights in. So far no travel advisory for MCO, but…


Link for more info.


because its 125 degrees at night. slightly exaggerated. “but it’s a dry heat…”


We are driving in from Texas on Saturday. I sure hope theres no flooding. Sigh. My excitement has turned into anxiety.


I wouldn’t worry. You’ll be on major highways with very little history of flooding the whole way.


This thing is getting worse. It is now a Category 4 Hurricane. I hope everyone stays safe.

My parents live down in Ocala, so they will probably get a lot of rain from it, but nothing like the panhandle will see. Unless it weakens (still possible as it approaches land), it is said to be the worst storm to hit Florida in more than 100 years. (1894 was the last time.)


So far no real issues in Pensacola and in all honesty no serious concerns; a couple hundred miles east is a different story. For here, they’re saying we’ll see winds around 40-45 knots and a couple inches of rain; we’ve had worse from a “normal” storm that blows through from time to time. I’ll be posting updates on today’s “Daily Thread”.


Barges taking out the interstate bridges in both directions is another story.


An 80 mile stretch of I-10 is closed between mile marker 85 and mile marker 166 for debris removal. They haven’t provided an estimate of when it will reopen. Keep tabs on the Florida Highway Patrol and DOT websites and plan accordingly if this is on your intended route.

Also, we have massive power outages throughout the area. Many businesses and municipalities are closed. Fuel may not be available in some areas due to power outages or supply outages (some stations ran out before the storm). Evacuees may still be trying to return during your travel period, adding to traffic. Check state and local news sources in the affected areas along your route before you travel. Expect delays.


Thank you for the replies! We are in alabama for the night and had no issues so far. We will keep all of your tips in mind! Thanks!!


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