TS for non-adventurous eaters

In-laws are not adventurous at all (my MIL had never had shrimp until last year, no joke). What are your favorite standard fare TS restaurants? So far I have on the list of potentials:
-50’s PT
-The Wave
-Yachtsman (treating them to a date night)

Any other suggestions?

I really like the list you have. Other suggestions–
Raglan Road (my uber picky friend even liked it)
Beaches & Cream
Garden Grill
Sci Fi
GF Cafe


Trails End has good food

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This is hard for me, because I typically seek out the most adventurous food…
Most of the ones I was thinking of have already been mentioned. I would add:

  1. Homecoming in DS
  2. R&C for (bland) pub food (although RR is MUCH better)
  3. Although I would never recommend them for “quality” the CM buffets are about as unadventurous as you can get.
  4. Tony’s in MK for unimaginative Olive Garden type Italian food
  5. Momma Melrose in DHS for much better basic Italian fare
  6. Tutto Italia for even better standard Italian food
  7. Le Cellier has very good “steakhouse” food.
  8. AK will be harder, but Tusker House has a lot of “standard” buffet items in addition to the more “ethnic” items (it’s the only CM I’ll go to by choice)
  9. I can’t not put in a plug for Biergarten. Yes, it’s “German”, but wursts, salads, roasts, potatoes, and vegetables are actually pretty mainstream. It’s one of my favorites in all of WDW.
  10. Pretty much any of the breakfast buffets are pretty standard.

Those are the ones I can think of off hand. As I said, I seek out the most exotic and adventurous food that I can fine…


I agree with @bswan26 about Biergarten. Very hearty, normal (to this midwest gal) food. Plus it’s a buffet - you can see the actual food to chose from.

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I would add that Trattoria al Forno has a great selection of Italian choices - from the “normal” to the “lesser known” so that both the adventurous and the non-adventurous alike can enjoy dinner together.

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I also prefer more adventurous food! I’m trying to work a few of those in as well while accommodating their tastes as well. When hummus is a foreign food, not much isn’t considered adventurous IMO :laughing:

Trattoria is on our list, but most likely will do the BV breakfast for my Rapunzel obsessed DD3 :smile:

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You might check out the Disney Food Blog channel on YouTube. They do a fantastic job with their videography and reviews of the food offerings all over Disney. I’ve been forwarding the videos to Grandma & Grandpa to get their buy-in and it’s worked nicely. All of the adults are as excited about eating at Disney as anything else.

I have heard and read dozens of great reviews for Trails End & Hoop De Doo. Both have the same food but the show at HDD comes highly recommended and the meal includes all of the beer, wine & sangria “you care to enjoy” if that is something they are into. Also Homecoming in the Springs gets awesome reviews on their home style food.

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