TS Dining Plan - Alcoholic Beverage rules with under 21 yo

Hey everyone, I’m quite new to the Forum (my first post :)) but have been really enjoying reading all of your wonderful (and often hilarious) posts and getting some fantastic information and tips.

We are visiting from Australia - travelling 12 nights October 2019 (2nd trip to WDW) staying on property - split stay 3 resorts. 2 Adults, 1 Child (12)

So my first question on the forum is relating to trying to see if I can score an extra alc drink on my 12 yo DD’s DP after a hard day’s touring…

Because she is over 10 if we get the TS DP I have to pay an adult price for her? She’s a great eater so I don’t mind paying so she can have adult meals but it is expensive so want to get best value - by booking restaurants which offer good value Dining credits for food and drinks. I know there was a recent post about getting an extra drink on a Child’s QS DP but can’t find anything on when they are all Adult cost DPs.

I can’t find any definitive rules anywhere on whether we can share the 3rd drink between us adults (ie. me) with the TS meals and QS meals or whether because she is under 21 we have to order a non-alc beverage as her part of the Plan? I’m happy to POP for a drink for her if I can get an extra cocktail :slight_smile:

I’m not looking to do anything shady (though I probably would), just thought because we are paying Adult price for a child it may be possible.


I don’t know for sure, however I would say the quick answer is no. Now if you are at dinner and order two drinks and a soda for your daughter, you might be able swing the wait staff to only charge you for the soda, but my guess is your results may very from CM to CM. If they do swing it your way, then I would reward them with a bump in tip.

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I’d say no too but I see people have done this at QS though as no one will know. Your daughter is entitled to a non-alcoholic specialty drink which can be a slushy, smoothie etc.

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