Trying to set up room request @ AKL

I recently changed one of my reservations from a night stay @ Port Orleans to a night a Animal Kingdom Lodge. I’m trying to create my room request, but the drop down tool only shows two options for AKL, Jambo House & Kidani Village. I’m not wrong in my belief that these are both separate from the main resort, am I?

Anybody know why I’m not able to select the main lodge as my resort?

Jambo is the main Lodge . There are some DVC rooms but that is what you most likely booked. Kidani is DVC.

Ok, thanks… I was starting to think that was the case, but wasn’t sure.

I’m guessing a regular room would be a studio?

No, a studio has a bed, a pull-down bed and a kitchenette.

Jambo House has regular rooms and then some DVC villas; the term villas includes studios, 1, 2 and 3 bed-room villas.

Unless you specifically booked a studio, you will have a regular room.

Ok, sorry for my ignorance here.

I booked a Savannah View room, but it looks like all the Savanna Views are villas. Unless the “Arusha Savannah” rooms are regular rooms?

Not sure about where each room type is, but the website ( has standard rooms with savannah views as an option.

If you click on the pictures those don’t look like studios. And the amenities listed don’t include the kitchenette.

I would maybe phone and double check. But I think the booking confirmation would say ‘studio’ room if that was what you have.

Thanks for all your help!

Just had a look on touring plans room finder. I think the Arusha savannah rooms are the regular “resort rooms” with a savannah view.

I was just doing the same, I guess “Arusha” is the name of one of the savannas the rooms overlook. I don’t see any of the other savanna’s listed as options, but those appear to be the only “regular rooms.”

Love the room finder, just created my room request for one of the Arusha Savanna rooms.

Thanks again for your help!

There seems to be a problem with the room finder? I set it to savana view two queens and all it showed me was room 3510. Is that what you got? That room does meet the criteria. Also there should be a lot of those rooms on the 3rd floor (4th floor best views are club). I stayed in room 3425 and it was a great view.

I just tried it, and used your settings, and it showed only 3508. It said 3510 has 1 king, not 2 queens. Odd. I used the room finder and moved left a few, then right a few. It called some of them “garden view”, not “savannah view.” Maybe that’s the problem??

There used to be two different savanna categories but now there seems to be one. You want to be on the odd side of those hallways.

That is odd. I got a bunch of options when I checked. I may have to look again, but I’m on mobile right now.

The room I requested was 3215, and seems to meet all my criteria.

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