Trying to plan for January 2022 trip

Going the last week of January. Is it even worth trying to put a plan together now or wait a few weeks to see how new system shakes out? In the past TouringPlans would suggest placing a fast pass here and there in my plans etc. Will a genie + suggestion or a lightning lane suggestion be implemented? I am not against paying for some extras, but not sure what the best way to utilize them in my plans. I think I’m getting too old for all this!

I’m going mid December. I’ve got a rough idea of what I’m doing but not much more just yet. Unless you have dinner reservations to make, I think you can hang back for a bit.

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Yeah, it’s just making me nervous because I usually have everything set by this time….

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My trip starts the last weekend of Jan. There is stuff to keep you occupied. You can watch the evolving G+ strategy (and decide if and when you might want that), figure out how your favorite dining places have changed, and watch for stuff to open. For example, some character meetings, and carriage rides are back (soon).