Trying to make a custom plan but times revert to 9am

So I get that the times for Feb ‘23 aren’t loaded yet, so maybe this isn’t possible to optimize until then?

I don’t understand your question. You can set you plan times to whenever you want during park hours. But without announced times, yes, it’s probably going to start at 9 for MK.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to override the park hours just for planning

You set the hours of your plan yourself. I don’t understand the question either.

Until WDW releases their park hours, TP can only guess what they will be, based on past data. That’s why they have MK open at 9:00. You can change the starting time of your plan, but only within the hours TP thinks the park is open. I tried to change it to 8:00, but it went back to 9:00, and I did remember to click on “save.”

However, there is an option to select yes/no for whether you will use the extra 30 minutes of the morning Early Theme Park Entry, which would let your plan start at 8:30 for MK, for example. You make that selection when you start creating your plan, or you can edit your existing plan. You will see this box:


The app doesn’t have that option, but I can do it in the web browser. Thanks!

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Magic Kingdom opening time is always 9:00am in Februarys. Actually most of the year I believe.

Only AK can sometimes be 8:00 in February.


Always create plans on the browser.


Yeah, I remember AK being 8-8 but that might have been EMH.

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