Trying to guess resort pricing for the new year

We’ve thinking of some time next March at WDW, but the resort pricing isn’t out yet. Does anyone know where I can find out if that’s high season or mid-season? Also, what time in the fall or summer (when rates are announced) might correspond with similar rates? I just want to know what to budget and if it’s worth waiting for. Should I just book something else?

A TA told me last week that prices are supposed to be released Jun 21.


You could always look at the rack rates for 2016, for a start of a guess. But Easter was in late March this year, and mid-April 2017. It looked like only the first couple of days were “regular,” and the rest was “peak,” except for Easter week this past March. Like people keep saying, wait until June 21 for the real numbers.

Okay. I guess I can wait that long. It’s odd that the rest of the surrounding hotels have already put out their pricing, as has DCL, but the resorts haven’t put anything out for 2017

This link might help figuring out regular/peak season at least:

Thanks. That will give me a ballpark figure to work with. :slight_smile:

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We last went to WDW in early March 2014 and there was a 30% off room rate promotion at the time. We’re planning another trip for early March 2017, so we’re waiting to see if we get lucky again on a deal!