Trying to figure out which parks on which days

Okay, so I’m on vacation right now and this site is the only kind of internet thing that will load on the very slow WiFi, so of course I’ve been bingeing on trip reports; I’m already so excited about my upcoming trip. I’m planning our second Disney trip (we went last November for 3 days at the World and 2 at Universal), and now our 180 day mark is fast approaching. Aaaand of course now I’m rethinking all my plans! So I turn to the wisdom of you Liners.

  1. We’ll be there from 9/9 - 9/14, with a five-day park hopper. CLs are shockingly low. I’m traveling with a friend in his mid-50s who doesn’t have boundless energy, so we’ll definitely be going back to the resort to rest in the afternoons. We’re staying at the YC.

  2. Last year we did half a day at AK, half at HS, a full day at MK, and most of a day at EP, so we’ve gotten a good feel for what we liked at each of the parks. Our favorite attractions were FoP, Soarin’, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, and TSMM. I’d like more time to wander around AK, because we really zoomed through it last year, and it’s such a cool park.

  3. How does this plan sound for this trip:

  • Monday >> HS for most of the day, HBD for lunch, Ohana for dinner, HEA dessert party
  • Tuesday >> MK in the morning (this is a MNSSHP day, which we won’t go to), then EP in the late afternoon for Agent P (my friend’s favorite), dinner at Yachtsman, and illuminations
  • Wednesday >> AK all day: brunch at Tusker House, midday break, dinner at Tiffins, maybe RoL
  • Thursday >> EP for most of the day, brunch at Garden Grill, maybe a hop to another park?
  • Friday >> not sure yet, but I assume this is the only time I’ll be able to snag a FP+ for FoP

Am I missing anything? I’m trying to strike the right balance between cramming in as much fun as possible but still letting us stop and smell the roses. (Or rather, stop and look for hidden Mickeys…)


I would try for a RoL Tiffins package if you can book it. It includes apps, can save you money, and you can always decide not to use the vouchers.

I am concerned about your HBD/‘Ohana/HEA combo. All could be on my “must do” list- but never on the same day!

Hmm. Fair on the Monday thing. Maybe I’ll move HBD to our last day?

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We are going at the same time, Sept 5-14.

You may have trouble getting a FP for slinky dog with HS first if that ride appeals to you. Maybe switch HS to Thursday and Epcot Friday?

If you are going to AK also on Friday maybe do brunch that day instead of Wednesday.