Trying to decide if I cancel again or not!

I had a trip planned the week after Thanksgiving but my 3 year old came down with Covid right before so I canceled since our family was quarantining. Rescheduled to Jan 7-10, but now omicron and the crazy flight cancellation situation are giving me pause.

It is just me and my mom going on the trip, and we’re both vaccinated and boosted. I just worry about bringing Covid home afterwards and causing my kids to miss school - though my 2 elementary age kids are now vaxxed and my 3 year old just had it so should be somewhat immune for a bit supposedly.

What would you do? No wrong answers I just am really undecided and would love to know others opinions!

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I would follow my gut.


I would go since you two are vaccinated and boosted, plus your kids at home are vaxxed or just had covid.


Ever since I gained 5 pounds over Christmas my gut’s been out in front of me everywhere I go.


Ha ha ha. And also jealous. I’ve gained 15 since Covid started


Lol. Yes my gut has been dreaming of the Holiday themed treats we were planning to eat at the park since November!


I ended up canceling. I’m not very worried about my kids getting super sick at this point since Omicron seems milder, but I realized if I end up positive they all would need to stay home for 5-10 days and that is the opposite of a vacation so not worth it quite yet. I’m super bummed but we are planning to reschedule for Dec 2022.