Trying to decide between DL and DW

Hi everyone. We have been to both Disney World and Disneyland. We have been to DW more but going to DL is more convenient and more bang for our buck. However, when we were at DL in September, 2015, we didn’t really think it matched the “magical” environment that we have come to love at DW. Most of the cast members were rude or not helpful when approached. We did stay offsite for the DL stay which may have taken away some of the magic. So, here is my dilemma, we are trying to add an extra vacation to our schedules for this March for a long weekend and I am leaning towards Disneyland. We would stay onsite this time at either Disneyland Hotel or Grand Californian. Leaning towards Disneyland hotel due to theme and pool being more Disney. So, if you could choose between DL or DW which would you choose? The magical experience and good customer service is very important and the reason why we choose Disney over other vacations. Also which hotel would you choose? Thank you very much for your help!!

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I an going to Disneyland for the first time at the end of February. We are staying at Paradise Pier. After having been to Disney world several times I am looking forward to seeing the differences.

Check the crowd levels at both and let that guide you.

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My concern would be that your travel period sounds like it will hit Spring Break. How well does WDW handle Spring Break vs. DL? DL tends to feel more crowded with the same CLs because it’s all just smaller.

Awesome! Have a great trip! And thanks for the advice!

Great thinking! Thanks for the help!!